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Victory Day observed in Bangladesh — Demotix photos

Posted in Bangladesh, Dhaka by Sherpa Hossainy on December 16, 2011

Published in The Demotix website on 16 December 2010

I remember I got up quite late on that Victory Day. A few days ago I had joined The Demotix website after Jess had told me about it — a step into becoming a more professional journalist perhaps. On 14 December I got an email from Demotix saying if I’d be interested to cover the Victory Day celebration and send them some pictures. I was really excited about the project, plotting how would I come up with cool pictures. Sadly, as I got up late, the luxury of finding suitable subjects were scanty as Jess and I rushed out to nearby streets and roundabouts. But as the celebration had almost died out at that time, there was not that many subjects to click. We kept wandering around. Luckily, around Banani, in Jess’s old apartment, in Gulshan-1 park and in front of Gulshan KFC we got some subject.

The deadline to submit all the photos was midnight the same day. I was stressed, rushing and a grump. Jess helped me with everything, and with a very brief and inadequate description attached to every photos and the story, I uploaded it on time. So, here’s the link to Demotix:

(The Demotix website story link)

A few days ago I found out that Bill-Gates-owned Corbis Images somehow have one of those photos on their website. Didn’t really understand the whole licensing thing. Here’s the link:

(Photo on Corbis)

Miru, 48, security guard, witnessed the killing of Hindus during the liberation war.

Jessica Muddit, an Australian tourist in Bangladesh, observed the victory day.

Malaysian tourists joining the celebration.

It took me a whole year to upload this on my blog — probably professionalism is out of the table now. I also had been wishing to edit the photo captions and summary of the photo story since last year on Demotix; that hadn’t happen either. I wish to edit this specific blogpost too — so wish me luck!


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