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DFID to provide fund to improve textiles sector

Posted in Bangladesh, Business, Dhaka, Finance, RMG and textile by Sherpa Hossainy on June 8, 2011

Published in The Independent on 4 June, 2011

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The UK government’s Department for International Development (DFID) is going to fund a three-year project aiming to explore sustainable innovative practices to improve the textile sector’s competitiveness, which will eventually help to add value to its products.

The development partnership in higher education project (DelPHE) will bring together London College of Fashion (LCF), BGMEA Institute of Fashion and Technology (BIFT) and United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) to deliver a research scheme between Bangladesh and the UK.

“The project will form a strong dialogue between the job and the education sector that will create relevant industry training programmes and develop new curriculum,” said John T Smith, national coordinator of UNIDO, and one of the project managers.

The study will be based on the future challenges of sustainable fashion and apparel companies in the UK and Bangladesh, he added.

The project is managed by a team of international and local experts: Lynne Hammond from London College of Fashion, Munira Rahman, national coordinator of UNIDO and Rushmita Alam, head of fashion at BIFT.

Smith said: “The industry is evolving to higher value-added products through improving functions like fashion design, reducing lead time and improving compliance with health and safe working condition.”

DFID has invested up to £3 million a year in different countries in the DelPHE project, which aims to enable higher education institutes to act as catalysts for poverty reduction and sustainable development and contribute towards the UN millennium development goals.


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