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Making living out of nothing at all

Posted in Bangladesh, Business, Dhaka, Industries, Interviews by Sherpa Hossainy on February 5, 2011

Published in The Daily Star’s Business section (in the special page — Business Life) on 31st January 2011

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MD Shahjahan, 50, a father of three, has been in the metal handicrafts business for 27 years. It was 1983 when he came to Dhaka from Noakhali to try and make a living.

“I saw some people selling scrap products to the shops here and I got interested. I thought why not give it a shot,” says Shahjahan. He started doing the work of a broker in partnership with his friend who also owns a shop now in the Gulshan 2 DCC market.

Once upon a time, the scrap selling business was not that well known. Very few people were involved. “I used to sell products at shops in Gulshan and even to individuals. Then I started to run the business from this shop, Hossain Handicrafts. It was 1990.”

“One can’t climb a palm tree with a leap. You have to climb slowly, and I did,” Shahjahan says, explaining his success in business in the past. But those days are long gone now, he adds.

“Almost all the shops you see around here are incurring losses. There are no products, no customers. Some shops can’t even sell a single item in 5 to 7 days. Although, if new ships come in, sales picks up as lots of buyers come and get them,” he says.

“But that seldom happens. Look around my shop, I can show you products which are here unsold for 10 years or even 15 years.”

Replicas of deities are displayed at a shop in Dhaka.

According to Shahjahan, sales in a month can sometimes go up to Tk 300,000 while at other times, can drop to Tk 150,000. “Now a days, we sell for the sake of selling, with very little margin,” he says.

“Its tough to live by this trade and feed my family with the income from this business. But I have to keep on doing it because I am used to it. I have brothers who live abroad and send me some money. So I get by.”

Shahjahan blames a price hike of metals, and low demands due to customers’ unwillingness to buy metal products for the slump in sales and profit margins.

He wants more ships to come into the country so that the industry gets the fancy products, like watches, chests and compasses, and scrap metals.

“If ships come in, we will survive, the re-rolling mills will survive. If there are harmful substances, steps should be taken and technologies bought in, so that the ships can be broken safely. If the government provides opportunities, it is possible.”

He says many labourers are becoming unemployed as construction works are being hampered due to the increasing prices of rods, for a low supply of scraps. “If you go to the Notunbazar labour market, you’ll see thousands of labours unemployed even at 12 pm.”

“The re-rolling mills are shutting down and people are getting unemployed. If people don’t get food in their stomach they will do anything, so the crime rate will also go up.”

Shajahan pondered, “If someone is working, his mind is occupied but an idle brain is devil’s workshop. If I’m not addicted to work, I will be addicted to something else.”


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